About Us

Emaratco Foods Company is one of the leading importers and distributors of Frozen Poultry, Meat and Vegetables in the United Arab Emirates. Our headquarters is located in Abu Dhabi, UAE,

and serves several operational facilities located across the country that enable us to reach our local and overseas customers easily. Our diverse and experienced team of work is proficient in bringing various types of products from all over the world at the most suitable prices and quality to our clients. Here at Emaratco Foods, we have a strong understanding of our customers' needs and wants based on geographic and demographic factors. Large number of clients to serve, we highly stress the importance of logistics from producer areas to your doorstep. Our goods are shipped in containers by land, sea and air and offloaded in smaller deliverable packages of various selections by our fleet of freight vehicles.
Our sales and logistics teams are connected in every process to be able to serve customers around the clock. Through long-term relationships with global suppliers and partners, we ensure uncompromised quality at a fair price. As we continue to grow, we strive to foster a culture of change to adapt to changing consumer preferences and continually serve their needs as well as tap into potential markets.